if your parents are still together, or if you still have both parents actively in your life, don’t you ever try to tell me you know how it feels. how it feels to have one of the two people who are supposed to love and care for you just up & leaves. they decide their girlfriend is more important than their family. they decide that their part time, non paying job is more important than their kids. they decide that they want a new family. well maybe they don’t decide that, but it happens anyways. then they let the new wife/husband treat the first kids like shit and do absolutely nothing about it. BUT THE BEST PART IS when the step parent decides that they need more money and that the parent is paying too much for child support WHEN THE KID IS STRUGGLING FINANCIally already. and takes the other parent to court. but what’s even greater is the paperwork the sheriff drops off to the other parent. and it reads “i got remarried and i can’t afford to pay this much”
i watched my brother, the strongest i know, fucking cry because of you. he doesn’t fucking cry. but you pretty much saying we don’t matter anymore because of your new family and the new baby, well that fucking hurts. i fucking hate you. i hope you’re miserable.





Most artists take their invitation to DJ for Boiler Room very seriously. Then there is Grimes. The Boiler Room hit Ibiza today for a party at influential electronic artist/DJ Richie Hawtin’s house, and Grimes was present to provide music for an hour. Instead of digging for some deep cuts and giving the people what they want, Grimes took a very different route.

Her set included Taylor Swift, Daddy Yankee, Venga Boys, and, of course, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” She played the music off of her iPod.

love this concept